10 Tips to Create a Perfect Website

The Perfect Website

In 2020 we all do some research before buying something right? 88% of the people go online to find out prices, quality, experience, and trust. So when we build our website we have to focus on several things to give users and potential customers reasons to buy our products or services. Here are 10 tips we have to include on our website.

1.- Google Friendly

Google is the most used search engine, 88% of the internet searches are going through this engine every month, we must be part of it, so we have to work on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have to make sure our website is seen by Google in a proper way, there are some tools that help us to take actions in order to increase our chances to be ranked by Google and therefore seen by more people that may be looking for our products or services.

2.- Mobile Friendly

We all do our internet browsing from mobile devices nowadays, we have to optimize our website to be seen the right way in every screen available out there, either on a Tablet, Mobile phone or Desktop computer. One of the goals of our website must be to build trust, in order to communicate this the proper way, we must have a clear and intuitive interface, so let’s make sure our website looks beautiful in all devices.

3.- Multimedia Resources

We have to make sure to include as many videos or images as we can, try to illustrate services, products or every section or page in your website with relevant videos and pictures so potential customers feel like want to know more about your business, we all are visual, we always want to know more about something that we like when we see it, so let’s make sure to include all these resources in our website.

4.- Security

In 2020 is a must that every website has SSL Certificate, all browsers are sending warnings about security and that is not good for our reputation or user’s trust, users that see these warnings usually go back or just close the windows and that is not good for our business, our website must be a place where our potential customers feel safe and trusted that their information will be secured, let’s be sure we have that SSL Certificate installed in our Website and keep building that bridge of trust between our business and potential customers.

5.- Social Media Links

Social Media is another important thing to consider when building a website, ok, your website is your business right? but we have to let people know that we also can be in touch and start conversations via social media, we have to let our potential customers that we are generating content on our social media channels often, so they are up to date to our products, services, offers, and blog content.

6.- User Experience

Everything in our website must be absolutely clear and easy to use, everything must follow some kind of logic, we have to keep in mind all type of user personalities, there are people that really like to know about our story and other details, or people that call the business as soon as they see a phone number, we have to set all information clearly in order to meet all type of people needs and behavior, we must consider to include sections with Frequent Asked Questions, Testimonials, Contact information all around the site and a photo gallery with our business the way it looks inside and outside, photos of our work team, photos of our products and all that. All this will give our potential customers good user experience.

7.- Pricing

Prices should be part of User Experience but, there is something tricky about this, we can not include a large list of all prices of all our products or services unless is an online store, but if our business sells a service, we have to include at least a section of Pricing like “Our Prices for this Services starts at “$”, something that gives our potential customers an idea of what they are going to invest. Remember that not all users look for cheap prices, some people look for experience and quality, so if we know we can deliver some top quality products or services we have to be clear and honest with our potential customers, of course, there is some internal work that must be done in order to deliver what we promise.

8.- Transparency and Honesty

Nowadays we all are exposed, businesses and people, do not describe a product or service like the best in the world if is not, of course, something is the perception that we have about our products or services and other is the reality that there is about it, so let’s be very honest with our potential customers, so they know what they are buying from us, and let me tell you they will appreciate it. If we work internally in our business to give our potential customers the best of us, they will feel that. if you sell a service try your best to give the best, if you sell a product be honest and let your customers know what they are buying, this is the only way your business is sustainable.

9.- Blog

To keep a blog about topics around your industry is a very good way to keep bringing traffic to your website, relevant and updated information is needed to get this done, if you have an online clothing store a fashion blog is a nice way to keep people coming to your site, if you are a lawyer we can have a blog with tips about lawyer things, you get the point. A blog article on our website is a good thing to share in our social media channels and start conversations and engage people, this is a smart way to bring people to our ecosystem.

10.- Speed

Think about this, when you want to say something to someone that is not around, what do you do? we just send a text message right? or call, we do that, we are used to getting everything almost instantly, I will recommend from personal experience to consider WhatsApp business or Facebook Messenger links to give our potential customers the possibility to contact us right away if we do not include this, and we keep using the old email contact forms only, we can miss good chances to start a conversation with potential customers that are interested at the moment in our products or services, I’m not saying that we have to get rid of those email contact forms, they have a good purpose, but I think we have to include this instant way to communicate with our potential customers.


There is more things to consider when building a Perfect website, the reality is that our website is never a finished product, we have to keep updating it constantly, adding more and new things every time, but in my experience, this is very good way to put our website in a good position in front of our potential customers. If you need help with your website we can give you some recommendations just contact us. Thanks for reading!

KLT Media Team

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